SG79|STHLM Gift Cards

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Want to give a SG79 | STHLM product as a gift - but not sure which fragrance the receiver will like? Our gift cards are the perfect solution. The gift cards come in the following values:

  •  €44 (the cost of a 15ml Eau de Parfum + shipping)
  •  €64 (the cost of a 30ml Eau de Parfum + shipping)
  •  €100 (the possibility to choose a combination of products)

When you place the order, we will send a gift card with the voucher-code by post to you along with 1ml samples of all our perfumes. This way, the receiver can try them all out before choosing what he / she likes the best. The absolute perfect gift to your loved ones.

Please note: Voucher code can only be used for one purchase. However, if there is money left over after your purchase, you can contact us and we can issue you a new voucher code with the remaining amount.

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