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... experience the perfumes as Rollerballs!

We are excited to finally launch a new product exclusively on our webshop:rollerballs.
Available in our first four fragrances (N°1, N°2, N°3 and N°4) the rollerball will enable you to apply your perfume precisely where on your body you want it. Layer for a stronger scent or just roll onto your skin once for asubtle, day-time scent. The rollerball perfume is in a 5ml glass bottle, the perfect size for on the godays or when you don't want to bring a lot with you. As the perfume is applied straight on the skin, there is no perfume that goes unused and therefore theamount lasts longer. 

For best use - apply on pulse points such as behind yourears or on the inside of your wrists and elbows. These areas enhance the scentso you get the most out of your perfume.